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Maths Day 12.1.15 

Welcome to Intake Primary School 


All groups of pupils achieve well from their different starting points in reading, writing and mathematics  

Lessons are interesting and pupils work hard because they like their teachers.  

Leadership and management are strong. They have created a school which pupils enjoy coming to and parents recommend to others.   

Lessons are designed to broaden pupils’ general knowledge and understanding of the world. They involve pupils in using their literacy and mathematical skills extensively in different subjects.

Year 6 pupils explained, ‘Our teachers go slowly with harder things so we understand it. Lessons are fun. Most of the lessons are challenging.’ Questioning in these lessons is a strength because it probes pupils’ understanding.  

Pupils are courteous and friendly, holding doors open for adults and one another. They move around school in an adult manner.

Playtimes are happy occasions because pupils clearly enjoy each other’s company and play leaders organise interesting games.

Year 6 pupils and the prefects set a good example to younger pupils. They take their responsibilities seriously and act as good role models for the rest of the school. 

The curriculum, with its strong focus on developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness, enriches pupils’ understanding and general knowledge. Creative links between subjects help pupils to learn well because they use and apply skills in wide-ranging contexts.

The school continues to be popular with parents and enjoyed by pupils who say ‘Teachers turn lessons into fun. We look forward to coming to school.’

Quotes from Ofsted January 2014.



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