Maths  Subject Leader: Miss K. A. Woodall

Maths, Science and Design Technology Week 2017

Take a look at what we have been learning in our Maths, Science and Design Technology week 2017 by following the link below.  We had a touring theatre company visit and perform a play called, Shape, Space and Desperate Measures (loosely based on Star Wars) and we continued with this theme throughout the week.

Follow this link to see more


Maths Day 2015 - Monday 12th January

An amazing day was spent by all pupils from Foundation Stage to Year 6, exploring different aspects around measure.

Whether it was making potions to make a penguin be able to fly or to be able to draw and measure angles in order to make their own game, the children worked with enthusiasm throughout the day.  Thank you pupils and staff for all your efforts making the day a huge success!

Take a look at a few of our photographs from the day.  


Homework Winners - Foundation: Georgia and Ellie;  Year 1: Freddie Addie and Gracie Skidmore; Year 2: Alex Porritt and Coban Bramhall; Year 3:  Angel Russell and Finlay Boler; Year 4: Oliver Kirwin and Olivia Moat; Year 5: Ben Frow Emsen and Madi; Year 6: Imogen Maris and Libby Hawksworth.