At Intake School, we stand against racism in all its forms. To stand against racism and to stamp it out, we strongly believe we must educate our children and each other.

To show our support and to raise awareness and understanding, each week leading up to the Summer holidays we will incorporate some learning into the timetable.

This will start with an introduction to the Black Lives Matter movement.
The resources we share with children will be posted on the website for you to see and also use at home with your children if you wish to do so.

Should you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

This video is a great example of how to start talking to children about race. Feel free to borrow the idea and the language used in this! 

Thank you to Mrs Holdstock for sharing this video. It can be found on her page here.

Learning about the Black Lives Matter Movement


w/c 13th July: Black Lives Matter - Martin Luther King and the Abolition of Slavery

We are thinking about changes this week. Click on the resources to think about how the abolition of slavery and Martin Luther King changed the course of history for people across the world. 


w/c 6th July: Black Lives Matter - The 13 Principles

This week we are look at the 13 Principles for the Black Lives Matter movement. Have a look at the principles here and discuss what you think about the principles. Are there any you don't understand? Can you find out more? 

w/c 29th June: Black Lives Matter Song 

Click on this link to watch the video to a song by Dax called Black Lives Matter.

Now watch this clip which shows the lyrics.

Think carefully about the lyrics. Dax gives advice on what we can all do to contribute to this movement. What can you do? Think of a way to display this. You could design a poster, write a paragraph, poem, draw a picture, perform part of the song. Get creative!

w/c 22nd June:

Monday 22nd June is Windrush Day. 

It is a special day to remember the first generation of people from the Caribbean, who came over to the UK by invitation to help rebuild Britain after the World War Two.

But when they arrived here to live and work, they were often met with hostility, prejudice and racism.

Watch these videos and read the page to learn more about Windrush Day. This video shows children asking their grandparents questions about coming to the UK. 

Answer these questions in your books or talk about them with your family. 

Q1. What is the Windrush generation?
Q2. Why did the Windrush generation come to the UK?
Q3. How did the Windrush generation feel about coming to the UK? Did they all feel positive about it?
Q4. What problems have the Windrush generations faced recently and what do you think about the issues they have faced?

w/c 15th June: Black Lives Matter Introduction including the Black Power Salute at the 1968 Olympics

-Watch this video to learn more about the Black Power Salute.
-Read more about it on the Newsround website. 

Then, answer these questions in your books or talk about them with your family. 
Q1. What is the Black Power Salute?
Q2. What was Tommie Smith's reason for doing the salute? 
Q3. Why did Tommie Smith and John Carlos take their shoes off when they were on the podium? 

With thanks to Laleña Garcia and for allowing others to freely use their 'Principles' resources. 

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