Foundation Stage 2

We hope you are well and staying safe. We are really missing you all xx

Don't forget to keep in touch by sending us photographs of your child's learning. 
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Below are your weekly tasks.
Also please try to go onto Timestable Rockstars each day to practise your maths facts and your 2do page on Purple Mash

RWI are now producing daily structured lessons. If you only do one thing then please do these lessons in preparation for Year 1.

Week beginning: 6th July 2020

Task 1: Online Activity -Read, Write Inc

The children who have gone back are having a daily RWI lesson so to keep on track with them we suggest the following RWI YouTube lessons.

Please note that these lessons are available from 9:30am on the day and are only left on for 24 hours.

You need to choose which set to do. If you are unsure then please email me at and I will advise you.


Set 1 lessons - if your child doesn’t know all their single sounds then do these. Each day there is a new speed sound lesson, word time lesson and spelling lesson.

Set 2 lessons - if your child knows all of their single sounds but not many special friends then do these. Each day there is a new speed sound lesson and a spelling lesson.
Set 3 lessons - if your child knows their set 2 sounds choose these. Each day there is a new speed sound lesson and spelling lesson.

Challenge - if your child knows all their sounds and is reading at a good level then choose reading longer words.  

Click on this link to take you to the lessons. 

Here is the RWI schedule of the lessons for the week.

Task 2: Online Activity -English,
Oak National Academy Learning

  Follow the link and click on Week 9 (We are two weeks behind).

English – A teacher takes you through all the activities. Each session starts with some phonics and word reading. Then there is a story and questions and activities linked to it. This week we are thinking about ‘Reptiles’.

Lesson 1 – learn some features of reptiles and describe one.

Lesson 2 – hear a story about ‘The Crocodile who Didn’t Like Water’. Practise using the word ‘because’ in sentences.

Lesson 3 – make a story map.

Lesson 4 – draw and describe a reptile.

Lesson 5 – write a fact file about a reptile.


The activities are a lot of fun. Remember there are daily maths lessons and other subjects too.
The maths focus this week is addition and subtraction.


Task 3 –Online Activity – Maths

For maths activities you could look at the Whiterose maths website. 

Please follow the link:-

Your child could try Year 1 and some Year 2 with your support. 

There are daily maths lessons on Oak National Academy as well. 

You could look on the BBC Bitesize website too. There are lots of ideas on here in the primary section in KS1.

The link is

There is also Carol Voderman's The Maths Factor website, 
which has some great activities and ideas too you could use. 

The link is


Task 4: Whole School Task 1- Air
Look at the Whole School Task page ( for full details.

Monday – find out what air is.

Tuesday – What are the clouds made of? Can you look at the clouds and see any shapes? What do they look like?

Wednesday - what creatures would you find in the air?

Thursday – what vehicles allow people to travel through the air? Make a paper aeroplane.

Friday – Think about where your paper aeroplane might take you. Draw a picture and label it.


Task 5: Creative Tasks

Linked to the English lessons this week - Reptiles

  • Ask an adult to draw a lizard shape. Cut around it and decorate by sticking/painting or colouring.
  • Use 2 cardboard rolls to make your own binoculars to find some reptiles.
  • Make a crocodile mask out of a paper plate.
  • Make a turtle and use an egg box for the shell.
  • Paint animals using handprints.
  • Decorate a peg to look like a snappy crocodile.
  • Make a snake in the shape of a ‘S’ and give it a pattern.
  • Paint a colourful chameleon.


 Task 6: Whole School Task 2
At Intake School we stand against racism in all forms.This week the focus is on the 13 principles, one of which is empathy. When your child is watching tv, reading or listening to a story, discuss how the characters are feeling and teach them that we all feel differently.


We love looking at all the learning you have been doing. 

You are all doing a fantastic job! Well done! 

From all the Foundation Stage 2 Team XXX