Year 1


The Year 1 staff contact will now be Mrs Beattie.  If you have any questions regarding the home learning tasks, please email on

Week beginning: 6th July 


Task 1

Complete whole school weekly project in your school notebook:


Task 2

Oak Academy Learning


We are on WEEK TEN.

These lessons include:

Maths: to explore arrays when learning to halve and quarter amounts. Learn to use arrays when multiplying.

English: To write instructions

Geography: How deep is the ocean? Why are our oceans important?

PSHE: Discuss your feelings and emotions during lockdown

Science: How do we describe the pitch of sounds?

Languages: Learn Spanish

Art: To create a sculpture using reusable materials


Task 3:

Healthy Lifestyle Topic


Linked to being healthy and active, can you think of a new game to play with your friends and write a list of instructions on how to play it.


Task 4
Warm up – Practise saying what is 1 more/ 1 less/ 10 more/ 10 less than a given number to 100.
Practise addition and subtraction to 30. Extend to 50.

Practise writing your numbers to 100

Count in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Now can you multiply and divide simple numbers using your 2, 5 and 10 times table. Can you use counters to help?


In addition to this, please look at and complete activities on Times Table Rock Stars and Purple Mash. Remember to save your learning as you go!


Task 5:

Read for at least 15 minutes a day and discuss what you have read.


Daily phonics practice of sounds:

Warm up challenge! Can you beat your score from last week? How quickly can you say all the sounds correctly? Can you beat your score every day?

Flashcard these sounds…

ai, ay, a-e, ee, ea, air, ear, ow, oa, ir, er, ur, aw, or, oy, oi, o-e, oe, ow, ou, ew, ue, u-e



Introduction of Read Write Inc lessons


Online Activity – Read Write Inc

The children who have gone back are having a daily RWI lesson so to keep on track with them we suggest the following RWI YouTube lessons.

Please note that these lessons are available from 9:30am on the day and are only left on for 24 hours.

You need to choose which set to do. If you are unsure then please email Mrs Stubbs at and she will advise you.


Set 1 lessons - if your child doesn’t know all their single sounds then do these. Each day there is a new speed sound lesson, word time lesson and spelling lesson.

Set 2 lessons - if your child knows all of their single sounds but not many special friends then do these. Each day there is a new speed sound lesson and a spelling lesson.
Set 3 lessons - if your child knows their set 2 sounds choose these. Each day there is a new speed sound lesson and spelling lesson.

Challenge - if your child knows all their sounds and is reading at a good level then choose reading longer words.  

Click on this link to take you to the lessons.
Here is the RWI schedule of the lessons for the week.