Year 1


The Year 1 staff contacts are:

Mrs Beattie  -

Miss White -

Mrs Birley - 

Mrs Owen - 

Y1 homework for the Autumn Term

Literacy and RWI (Read Write Inc)

Please read with your child their RWI story. Also, practise the sounds, speedy green words and red words. These will be given out on a Friday and please return their book on a Wednesday

Write sentences based on their RWI story. Remind your child to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stop. See if your child can extend their sentence using ‘and’ plus using adjectives (describing words).

Phonics – Practise saying and learning the following sounds…

Week 3 sh, ch, th,

Week 4   ng, nk,

Week 5  ai, ay

Week 6 ee, ea

Week 7  igh, ie

Can you read and write these sounds in both real and nonsense words?

Eg ship and shib,  chip and chon,


Spellings-  and, the, I, do, today, to, said, say


Counting on and back from a given number up to 100

Ordering numbers to 20

Grouping different amounts to 10 then 20

Addition - using objects and counting on a number line up to 10 then to 20

Subtraction—taking away objects practically and counting back on a number line


Topic linked to bears-

  • read a range of fiction and non fiction text about bears.
  • Create artwork linked to bears such as college, paint, chalk etc