Year 2


The Year 2 staff contact will now be Mrs Etheridge.  If you have any questions regarding the home learning tasks, please email on

Week Beginning: 6th July 2020

Be silly, be honest, be kind, be you!


Mrs. Etheridge’s Recommended Read:  My name is Bob by James Bowen

Task 1:

Whole School Weekly Project: Air

What can you find in the air? Write it down in your purple book. Look at the clouds what do you see? Can you see pictures and patterns? Draw those pictures and patterns.


Have a look at this booklet with your adult and have a go at some of the activities about Black Lives Matter- The 13 Guiding Principles. The booklet talks about equality, everyone being treated the same and everybody having a choice.

Task 2:

Follow the link and have a go! We are on Week 10  (29th June)

 Task 3:


This week’s spellings are:

after, fast, last, past, father, class, grass, pass, plant, bath

 (Taken from Oak Academy) have a go at Super Spelling Sentences, don’t forget to use a conjunction!


Task 4:

Times Tables Rockstars Challenge:

Rock out!!! Follow the link and have a go! Can you beat your last score? Can you beat your last time?


Task 5:

Look at your 2Do list on Purple Mash. Can you complete the following tasks?

  1. Bond Bubbles- Join the bubbles to recall number facts.
  2. Musical Chairs- Practise the 5x table with the table toons in the musical chairs game.
  3. Word Combos- Help children understand sentence structure using different word classes.
  4. My Diary, 6 frames- Use this template to draw pictures or drag pictures in and write about the best thing you have done that day. I'd love to see what you get up to.

Remember to save your projects in your Work Folder so your teacher can look at the wonderful learning you’re doing at home!


Stay Safe and be Happy! We miss you xx