Year 4


The Year 4 staff contact will now be Mrs Owen.  If you have any questions regarding the home learning tasks, please email on


Week Beginning: 6th July 2020

Hi Y4! Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and ready for your new weekly tasks. As of this week my role has had to change and I will be returning to school for the last two weeks of term. I will still be marking the home learning but please bear in mind I will also have a teaching commitment too. To make the process more manageable, marking will now all be done on Thurs and Fri when most children have had a chance to complete the tasks and not throughout the week as it has been.


If you have any worries or concerns, you can email as before and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Alternatively you can contact Mrs Frank

Remember to keep saving any coloured bottle tops as we will be using them next week.  Don’t worry though if you don’t use many bottles as there will be another option.

Have a great week!

Mrs Owen


Task 1

Oak Academy Learning

Follow the link above to access and complete daily lessons for Maths, English and one other subject. This is the online resource from the government and will provide daily lessons which progress so do not skip any before moving on.

We are on WEEK TEN

This week these lessons include:

Maths – Place value, roman numerals, number sequences, number patterns

English – Diary

Reading – Comprehension – Fact retrieval, Inference, Identify key features

                        SPAG – Expanded noun phrases and conjunctions

                        Writing – Plan and write a diary

                Topic – Geography, Spanish, PSHE, Science, Art


Task 2

Remember to practise your weekly spellings each day.

Focus: Statutory words from the Y3&4 list

circle     complete     consider     continue     decide    

describe     different     difficult     disappear     early

(Keep practising last week’s words too if you aren’t sure of them yet as 3 of those spellings will appear in this week’s spelling quiz on Purple Mash!)

Some fun ways to do this:

Pyramid Words


s p

s p e

s p e l

s p e l l

Rainbow words

Write your spelling words with coloured pencils. Make each letter a different colour.


When you are confident with your spellings you can test yourself by completing the Spelling Quiz in your ‘2dos’ on Purple Mash. The spelling test will be available on Purple Mash from Thursday.


Task 3

Complete your Times Table Rockstars challenge

Complete at least 15 studio games and try and improve your speed. 


Task 4

Plastic pollution is contaminating our world and has even reached the lowest point on our planet 11,000 metres below sea level. When you go to  (you do not need an account) and type QD3769, there is a powerpoint with information about this huge global problem.


Your task is to look at the plastic waste that you have in your household this week and identify which plastics are single use and can’t be recycled and which can. With all the single use plastic you have I would like you to try and create an animal that lives in the sea. Some examples of single use plastics are some food containers and bottles, straws, crisp packets, biscuit/cake/chocolate/sweet wrappers, bread/cereal/food/carrier bags, plastic delivery packaging, baby food pouches, empty wipe packets etc.

 Here are a few examples of what you could do. Have fun!

Task 5

Complete the Purple Mash ‘2dos’.


 Complete the whole school weekly project in your school book too.