Year 5

Week beginning: 6th July 2020

We hope you are well and staying safe. We are really missing you all.

Don't forget to keep in touch by sending us photographs of your child's learning outside of Purple Mash. 

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Challenge TTRS - Complete at least 10 studio games. Improving your times tables knowledge and speed will help all of your maths work.


Task 1 - Air


Look at the school website in home learning for full details. 

Monday – find out what air is and write about it. Why is it important?

Tuesday – What are the clouds made of? Use your imagination – draw what they make.

Wednesday - what creatures would you find in the air? Create a fact file.

Thursday – what vehicles allow people to travel through the air? Design your own flying machine.

Friday – Think about where your flying machine might take you. Write a story.


Task 2 Whole School Focus Part 2 – Black Lives Matter - the 13 Principles


For more details check out this page:

For more details check out the whole school home learning focus on the website.

Research what the 13 principles of Black Lives Matter are.

Choose how to present your information.


Task 3 – English - Look at your Purple Mash 2do list

-Spring 1 Week 1 spellings quiz. Words from the autumn term.

Read chapter 6 of “Our Big Kitchen” Can you complete FOUR tasks related to this:

  1. Create an annotated diagram to describe Sienna.
  2. Complete the multiple choice questions.
  3.  SPaG activities.
  4. Open ended reading questions (click on each question number icon on the left hand side to reveal the question).

Task 4What are you Passionate About?

Option 1 – build a den

Watch an episode of BBC’s The Dengineers. Click on this link to watch an episode where a den is created for a girl who is passionate about Black History.

Think about what you are passionate about and design your own den which reflects this. Annotate your drawing.

Can you try and produce your den in a creative way? E.g. a model, a lego version, using large boxes, inside, using ICT etc.

Option 2 - write

Alternatively, you may write about what you are passionate about. Include lots of detail and really think about what exactly it is about this thing that makes you feel so strongly.

Task 5 – Do the online lessons on Oak Academy 
You’ll need to select Year 5 and look at week 10 which is at the top (we are a week behind). 

There are Maths, English and other lessons for each day.

You can do any writing in your work book.

We have had lots of positive feedback on these lessons so if you haven’t tried them yet we really recommend that you check them out.

Maths – focus on 2d and 3d shapes – describing and classifying, quadrilaterals, circles and representations.

Complete any shape activities on Purple Mash that you didn’t do from last week.
English – focus on newspaper articles, comprehension, features, direct speech and writing.

Topic - one each day, from Spanish to science. Monday’s lesson is on why George Floyd is a catalyst for change, so check that out.



Your feedback would be appreciated on this week’s tasks and challenges. Plus it would be nice to hear how you are.