Year 6


The Year 6 staff contact will now be Mrs Holley.  If you have any questions regarding the home learning tasks, please email on 

For those of you going to Outwood Academy, they have shared an assembly video for Year 6s, with information you would have been given if you had gone for transition at Outwood. You can watch it here.

Ensure you take your time and work to the best of your ability at all times. 

Any recording can be made in your notebooks.

In between these activities make sure you keep ACTIVE by completing the Joe Wickes sessions or QUICK BLASTS on the I-MOVES website.

Look out for extra challenges on Twitter and don't forget to keep in touch by asking your adult to post progress on twitter.


Week Beginning: 6th July 2020

Have a morning assembly everyday - MUSIC - are you missing those assembly songs? Follow the link below and sing a song a day!!!


Task 1 

Whole School Learning Task - Air!

What is in the air?

Follow the link to complete the tasks: 


Task 2 

Oak Academy Learning.

Follow the link to access and complete daily lessons for Maths, English and one other subject. This is a new online school from the government and will provide daily lessons which progress so don’t skip any before moving on.

We are on WEEK TEN.

These lessons include:

Maths: graphs, pie charts and ratio

English: Reading Focus comprehension; Writing Focus Poetry

PSHE, Spanish and Science

 (We have had 1 or 2 of you give us some feedback about Oak Academy - let us know what you think)


Task 3

Spellings – practice and learn to spell the following words:

language, leisure, lightning, marvellous, mischievous

choose creative activities from the Spelling Menu below

(link to Spelling Menu pdf)


Task 4- Drawing with an Eraser

Step 1. Shade in a piece of white paper with a pencil or charcoal.

Step 2. Use an eraser to rub away areas of the pencil or charcoal to create a picture.

Follow this link to watch it being done.


Task 5

Times Tables Rock Stars

Complete your TTRS challenge

 Do at least 15 studio games. Can you improve your speed or earn coins to upgrade your status? 

 Let's see if a Y6 class can get TTRS class of the week again! 


Additional Optional Tasks

Purple Mash To Do List

  • Computer programing – make a clock tick
  • Learn about Mayans – make a mashcam, do a quiz and write a postcard
  • Create a memory book about your time at primary school



We have seen many of you have been completing some of the tasks but know more of us could be doing a little bit more - share your work with us by email or post on twitter.

We miss you