Letter to Parents 4th January 2021


Dear Parents

Following the announcement by Boris Johnson a short while ago, schools will once again have to close. Everyone has been advised to remain in their homes as much as possible. There will be no remote learning in place tomorrow but we hope to have information to send out as soon as possible.

The government published updated information regarding critical workers and this has been attached to the email. We already have a list of critical workers in school from the previous lockdown in March and our new Foundation Stage starters have been added to this list. If you are not on our original list of critical workers but feel you qualify for your child to attend school, please contact the school office tomorrow via enquiries@intake.sheffield.sch.uk

You will be required to provide evidence of critical worker status.

The announcement tonight has not given schools any notice in which to prepare. Having said that, we do have plans in place and we hope to have our remote learning up and running very shorty.

Take care and stay safe

Mrs Lisa Reid