Personnel and Committees


The Chairperson and Vice-Chair of the School Governors are:

Ms Lucy Fallon  Chair

Jamie Thompson Vice Chair

The Governing Body consists of Parent, Community, Local Authority, Foundation (Trust) and Staff Governors. These are as follows:


Tracey Murton,  Jamie Thompson, Monalisa Rani Swati, Cleo Metcalf


Jean Mason

Local Authority

Steve Barks


Lisa Reid, Lynn Boreham, Sam Robinson

Tia Hewitt also attends all Governing Body Meetings.

 All can be contacted through the school office. 

The Governing Body meets at least once each term and includes the Headteacher, Teacher and Support Staff representatives, parents, members of the Local Education Authority and the local community.

The Governing Body has four sub-committees that meet at least once a term and each has specific responsibilities. They are:

The Steering Committee

The Finance and Staffing Committee

The Premises Committee

The Pupil and Curriculum Committee