Attendance Ambassadors

New for 2019

 We have introduced 6 new roles for pupils to be our Attendance Ambassadors.  They are chosen each half term and are roles models for great attendance.  They will be helping with attendance assemblies and awards and will be available for informal chats with other pupils in the school who have any concerns regarding their attendance.

Class Attendance

Each half term a class is awarded a prize for having the best attendance in the school.

A big thank you to STAR. (Stand Together and Raise) for providing the prizes.


This academic year (2019/20) winners are:

Autumn Term 1 - Year 1 Mrs Wood

Autumn Term 2 - Year 6 Miss Woodall and FS2 Mrs Robinson

Spring Term 1 - Year 1 Mrs Wood

Spring Term 2 - 

Summer Term 1 - 

Summer Term 2 -


Each week in our attendance assembly, we celebrate every class who has achieved our school target of 96% attendance.  Each class gets to add a leaf to their tree for attaining the target and the winning class from each Key Stage get to add another object (apple/blossom etc).  It is easy for all of us to see just how good our attendance has been as a class over the half term.

Attendance Monitors

In January, we held a competition to name our new attendance mascots.  These are presented to the classes in KS1 and KS2 with the highest attendance each week.  

HERO (Here Everyday, Ready Ontime) was chosen for KS1 and MAXIMUS (Maximum Attendance) was the winning name for KS2.  The children who chose these names were able to go to the Bear Factory and choose, make and bring to life  the new mascots.

February 2020

Our 100% attending students since September - what an achievement!

 May 2017

We are so proud of all those pupils who have achieved 100% attendance this half term - there were that many children coming to school every day this half term we had to read out their names in assembly and let their teachers hand out the certificates in the classrooms as there wouldn't have been enough space at the front of the hall.

 Certificates were presented to those children who have achieved full attendance this academic year (from September) - what an achievement!

KS 1 100% attendance since September

KS 2 100% attendance since September

February 2017

In our half termly awards assembly, certificates were presented to those children who had achieved 100% attendance for the half term and special golden certificates for those achieving 100%attendance since September.


November 2016

Representatives from each class receiving their Autumn Half Term 1, 100% certificates.  We held an assembly to celebrate the fantastic attendance of many of our pupils.  Well done.