Anti-bullying Week November 2016


The whole school have been looking at aspects relating to anti-bullying during the focus week this year.  The theme was 'The Power of Good' and classes investigated related ideas such as diversity, kind hands, the effect that kindness and kind words have on others as well as looking at the differences between they key vocabulary.  We all shared our work (posters, art-work, raps etc) in Friday's Celebration assembly.

Mrs Birley and her Year 1's perform an anti-bullying rap.  This was created as home learning by one of her very talented pupils.

Anti-bullying Week November 2015


This years theme was 'Make Some Noise'.  We were certainly good at doing that.  Over the week year groups wrote and performed poetry, acted out scenarios or investigated ways in which everybody can make some noise if they are being bullied or know bullying is happening.  In Friday's sharing assembly, each year group got the chance to show the rest of the school what they had been doing related to the theme.



Anti-bullying Week November 2014

Every year we take part in National Anti-Bullying Week. The assembly on Friday shared work from each year group.