British Values Day


Mutual Respect and tolerance of those with different beliefs

In Foundation we found out about some of the different cultures and religions in our city. We celebrated modern Britain and explored a variety of dance, clothes and made some of our favourite British dishes. We thought about why we are proud to live in Britain today.

Y1’s English Tea Party!

On Friday 22nd April the Year 1’s hosted an English Tea Party for their parents.

All week we have been building up to this and have been selecting the most popular sandwiches through doing class tally charts, bar charts and pictograms before analysing the results. We discovered the most popular sandwiches were ham, cheese and jam. The children had to work out what ingredients and quantities we needed to make the most popular sandwiches.

On the day, the children followed instructions and carefully made the sandwiches and decorated some biscuits ready for our Tea Party.

The children enjoyed welcoming their parents to the event where they all sat together and had a tea party. Flags were waved to music and all had a fabulous time.

In Year 2 we looked at MUTUAL RESPECT.  We thought about what the word respect means and how we can respect ourselves, other and the environment.  We even performed a respect rap!

Values and Traditions

In year 6 we looked at our own values and what we think makes us who we are. We then created our own coat of arms with a motto. We took a wider view and thought about why we are proud to be British. We came up with ideas of what it means to be British and then we wrote statements to offer advice to any visitors to Britain.


We had a cricket tournament followed by an afternoon tea of scones and cream!