Mansfield Road, Sheffield, S12 2AR
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Aims and Visions


Leadership and Management

  • To provide clear leadership and effective management that enables the school to continuously improve.
  • To make the best use of resources to maximise learning.
  • To ensure good quality accommodation that pupils are proud of and wish to enhance.

Ethos and Learning Environment

  • To develop the confidence, aspirations and self-esteem of the whole school community.
  • To promote tolerance, understanding and respect for all people.
  • To place the school at the centre of the community. Work closely with parents and local groups to encourage respect and care of the school environment and the local community.
  • To promote high standards of behaviour and attitude to work throughout the school.
  • To provide a caring, safe and enjoyable environment for everyone in the school community.

Standards and Achievement

  • To enable all pupils to attain the highest possible standards and achieve the best possible progress in all areas of the curriculum with a particular focus on the core areas of English, mathematics and science.
  • To offer rich and stimulating curricular and extra-curricular experiences that engage children and develop a love of learning that enables them to become successful life-long learners.

Quality of Education

  • To provide high-quality teaching that has clear aims and objectives, that uses appropriate methods and resources that are matched to the differing needs of pupils.
  • To enable pupils to take increasing responsibility for their own learning, applying and developing their knowledge, skills and understanding independently.
  • To challenge pupils to set themselves high standards, take pride in their work and strive towards excellence.


Our Vision

  • To have a happy school where everyone feels secure and can confidently reach their academic, physical and personal potential.
  • To develop physical and intellectual creativity so that everyone can become successful life-long learners.