Mansfield Road, Sheffield, S12 2AR
0114 2399824

School Council - Area Lead: Mr D. Holmes


Our elected representatives for academic year 2022/2023

FS2 - Emerson N & Niamh B
Y1 - Jaswin R & Esmae F
Y2 -  Alexis M & Elia L
Y3 - Millie W & Mollie W
Y4 - Robyn J & Jasmine C 
Y5 - Miya W & Oliver G
Y6 - Max S, Jorgie H, Isla W & Isla JJ 

The School Council is currently working on:

Reading Trolleys

These will aid to extend the reading interest of the whole community, in and out of school, as well as helping engage our community in reading new books during a cost of living crisis.

Keeping school environment tidy

This will be performed across the school grounds with the KS2 children first to keep our environment tidy and then with assistance the KS1 children. This will enable them to see what positive impact they can have on the community and environment around them.  

Allocation of School Council funds

The children have been deciding what to do with the funds which have been raised by Jasmine (4G) for use of the School Council. They will be spent for the benefit of all pupils either through resources or equipment.

The School Council have previously worked on/implemented:

The School Council will be working on: