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We have been working hard recently to develop the skills and attributes to be an 'Intake Learner'.

Intake Learner

 I  Independent, Innovative, Imaginative

N  Notice things, Never give up,

T  Tolerant, Take pride, Talk about learning

A   Aim high, Ambitious, Ask Questions

K   Kind, Keep going, Keep trying

E   Enthusiastic, Excited, Engaged


To do this all children have very clear "learning" targets that allow the children to judge how well they are progressing and actively be involved in self-assessment.

Along with this, all lessons have very clear objectives and success criteria are shared with the children. This means that at the end of each lesson or activity time for reflection is built in so that children can see if they have achieved their own success criteria. In addition, we have been developing the children's knowledge of how they learn and of learning "behaviours." All children complete a learning log that journals what they have learned and also how they have learned it.

Our children are reflective, resilient, resourceful and reciprocal learners; they know how and when to learn and do so with great determination. It is surprising how quickly children start to apply these principles to every day life!